At Intrepid, we are committed to helping families guide their children in learning about God, how much He loves us, and all the wonderful things He does for us. We provide a safe place for kids to come and learn about God's love for them, and how they can love others around them. We're excited to see you on Sunday!


Each Sunday morning, Intrepid provides a safe space for children from birth to three years old in our Nursery. This not only allows Mom & Dad to enjoy our weekly services without interruption, but also allows some wonderful Intrepid teachers and volunteers show babies and toddlers how much God loves them. We play, sing songs, have snacks, and start to introduce to little ones to the fact that they are made by God and loved by Him.


Once kids are three years old and potty trained, they are welcome to join our "First Look" classes for children from three to five years old (prior to Kindergarten). In First Look, children will learn three basic truths: God Loves Me, God Made Me, and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever. Our amazing Intrepid Kids' teachers and volunteers will teach a lesson each Sunday that revolves around these three truths. We'll also play games, do fun activities, and make friends!


From Kindergarten through 5th grade, Intrepid Kids will build on the basic truths they learned in Preschool with a curriculum called "252 Basics." This curriculum is based on three basic truths Jesus showed us. In the Bible, Luke 2:52 says, "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." The three truths we teach from this verse are: I Can Trust God No Matter What (faith), I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated (friendship), and I Need to Make the Wise Choice (wisdom). 

Growing in faith takes time and effort, so we have highlighted four faith skills to help kids grow in their relationship with God, and reflect how kids and families talk about faith. These four faith skills are: HEAR (listen to God's words), PRAY (talk with God), TALK (speak about your faith), and LIVE (worship with your life).

Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade can expect to not only have a fun time with friends playing games, singing songs, and watching cool videos, but also to be taught these three truths and four faith skills each week as they experience God's love in fun and exciting ways.

At Home

Every month, we provide families with "Parent Cue Cards," which go along with the lessons your children learn in First Look and 252 Basics. The cards guide you in having conversations with your children about the week's lesson, and help kids internalize what they've learned each week. Parent Cue Cards include your child's Bible story, memory verse, the month's life application, and ways you can connect with your children at home each week.