Sunday message discussion guide

During this time while our Sunday morning gatherings are suspended, we are providing you a weekly Discussion Guide that goes along with our Sunday morning messages. View our Sunday services weekly on Sundays beginning at 10:30am on our Facebook Page, our YouTube Channel, or our Online Service Platform

Discussion guides can be done on your own as a private study time, or with the people in your house, including children. Download your discussion guide for May 31st here

Past week's Discussion Guides:

May 3rd: New Beginning: From Critic to Convert

May 10th:  New Beginning: From Marginalized to Empowered

May 17th: New Beginning: From Enemy to Ambassador

May 24th: New Beginning: Your New Beginning

May 31st: Flipped: The Blessing in Being Broke

See our Intrepid Kids page for more videos and activities for your kids this week.

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groups: Living the adventure together

  • We were meant to live in relationship with other people, but it can be difficult in our busy world today to connect with other people living in our community. Neighbor Groups create space for friendships to be formed, love to be shown, and lives to be changed as we take the topic shared at our Sunday gathering to a deeper level. Neighbor Groups meet in different neighborhoods on different nights and anyone is welcome.

    Click here for more information about Neighbor Groups.


    DEVOTED is a study for people who would like to know and experience what being a part of the church means at Intrepid. Click here for information on our next DEVOTED session and how to register.

  • This group exist to support and encourage people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families. Click here to join our private group on facebook to connect with members of the cancer support network.