Intrepid Women's Book Club

The next session of Women's Book Club will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at the Intrepid Ministry Center, starting April 10, 2018. We'll read one section (5-6 days/chapters) each week at home and discuss each Tuesday evening from April 10th - May 15th. Read the section titled "Our Problem" and "Step I" (Days 1 - 10) before our first meeting on April 10th. Each book club meeting will be from 7:00 pm until approximately 8:00 pm.

There is no cost for Women's Book Club other than purchasing the book we will be reading. 

Restore by Vince Antonucci

What should you do when you feel stuck in life? You know how it feels:

A hurt in your past that is hard to get beyond.

A bad habit that is difficult to break.

A setback that is just too tough to overcome.

Self-help programs, self-esteem techniques, or simple willpower leave many of us spinning our wheels and feeling just as stuck as ever. Vince Antonucci knows what this feels like. He struggled to get past the pain of a neglectful and abusive father. It wasn't until Vince decided to go through rehab, intentionally focused on God, that he learned ways to break free of that hurt and to live in God's future for him. Ever since, he's been helping people use these powerful principles to connect with God and break free of their own pasts.

His book Restore will help you move past your past, heal your hurts, and break your bad habits.

You, too, can live the life God designed you to live. Break free into God's future for you.

Purchase your copy of the book here.  

(Sorry, no child care provided.)

Feel free to email us with any questions.