At Intrepid, we are committed to helping families guide their children in learning about God, how much He loves us, and all the wonderful things He does for us. We provide a safe place for kids to come and learn about God's love for them, and how they can love others around them. We're excited to see you on Sunday!

Intrepid Kids Online

During this time, our Sunday morning Intrepid Kids classes have been suspended. We are offering the online resources below each week for kids and families to keep learning about Jesus and how to follow Him. Check back each week for a new batch of fun things to do at home that reinforce what is shared Sunday mornings online.

kids worship videos

Check out these Worship Videos to get your kids singing and praising God!

Citizen Way: Bulletproof

Citizen Way: Wavewalker

Citizen Way: Nothing Could Ever Separate Us

Orange Kids Music: Can't Contain It

Orange Kids Music: You Give Me Courage

Orange Kids Music: Lift My Voice

Orange Kids Music: I've Got Joy

Group Kids: This Little Light of Mine

Group Kids: Light of the World

Group Kids: The Golden Rule

Group Kids: You Forgive Me

Crosskid Nation: Strong & Courageous 

Crosskid Nation: Wee Little Man Zaccheus

Crosskid Nation: Father Abraham 

Crosskid Nation: Full Armor

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